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Wild Jasmine Pendant
Wild Jasmine Pendant
Wild Jasmine Pendant
Wild Jasmine Pendant
Wild Jasmine Pendant
Wild Jasmine Pendant

Wild Jasmine Pendant

Diamond Pendants in (2.94g) with Diamonds ()
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Our Jasmine Pendant is an exquisite beauty which adds refreshing grace to your persona, just like a jasmine flower which freshens up it’s entire area.
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  • Water
  • Energy
  • Earth Displacement
    Not Applicable
  • Human Life
    Not Measurable
  • Ecological Impact
    Not Measurable
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Product Code MD-P59
Diamond Weight
Gold Weight (approx) 2.94g


My husband bought me this solitaire pendant from Maiora and everything about it was awesome.
- Khushi Chauhan -
I tried the Try At Home service of Maiora to purchase a daimond ring.
- Arnav Agarwal -

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Is lab grown diamond real?

Yes, absolutely real.
Although the growth process is different from what occurs in the ground, the checmical composition, physical properties, and optical properties are practically identical for laboratory grown diamonds and mined natural diamonds – IGI (International Gemological Institute)

Why should I buy lab grown diamond over mined natural diamond?

There is more than one reason to buy lab-grown diamond jewellery. It is value for money over earth mined diamonds, almost half the price. These diamonds are eco friendly and conflict-free, they do not come at the cost of generation of miners and ecological destruction for the gain for few. By choosing the right product you can contribute to the planet and to the humanity.

Can I exchange or return the jewellery?

Simple answer is yes. You can exchange and upgrade your product after your free return period. Please refer to our policy (hyperlink to exchange policy) for more details. We also offer buyback on all of our jewellery after 12 months. Refer to our buyback policy (hyperlink to exchange policy for more details.